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American Cancer Society American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society mission statement

The American Cancer Society is the nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service.

International mission statement

The American Cancer Society's international mission concentrates on capacity building in developing cancer societies and on collaboration with other cancer-related ...
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Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation
About Us and Our Work to Cure Mesothelioma

The Meso Foundation is the national organization dedicated to eradicating mesothelioma as a life-ending disease by:

  • funding the highest quality and most promising research projects from around the world through our rigorous peer-reviewed process;
  • helping patients connect with national mesothelioma experts and obtain the most up-to-date information on treatment options;
  • and advocating in Washington D.C. for federal mesothelioma ...
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Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, and Education Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, and Education

Who is Lung Cancer Alliance?

Lung Cancer Alliance is the only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to providing support and advocacy for people living with or at risk for the disease.

Our mission is to lead the movement to reverse decades of stigma and neglect by empowering patients, elevating awareness and changing health policy.

Our vision is to reduce lung cancer mortality by at least 50% by 2020.

Founded in 1995, our first priority and founding hallmark is to meet the needs ...
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Cancer Hope Network Cancer Hope Network

Our Mission...

To provide one-on-one support to people undergoing treatment for cancer and to their families. We provide this support by training individuals who have recovered from cancer and matching them with cancer patients currently undergoing a similar experience. Through this matching process, we strive to instill hope and to make a difference in their fight against cancer.

Our Vision...

To be the pre-eminent provider of one-on-one support to cancer patients and their families throughout the U.S. and ...
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Live Strong Live Strong
We believe in life.
Your life.
We believe in living every minute of it with every ounce of your being.
And that you must not let cancer take control of it.
We believe in energy: channeled and fierce.
We believe in focus: getting smart and living strong.
Unity is strength. Knowledge is power. Attitude is everything.
This is


We kick in the moment you're diagnosed.
We help you accept the tears. Acknowledge the rage.
We believe in your right to live without pain.
We ...
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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Mission and Values

The mission of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is to provide expert, compassionate care to children and adults with cancer while advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention of cancer and related diseases. As an affiliate of Harvard Medical School and a Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by the National Cancer Institute, the Institute also ...
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National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund



It is time to end breast cancer. In 2011, nearly 40,000 women will die of breast cancer in the U.S.; it will take the lives of almost 500,000 women worldwide. This nation has invested billions of dollars in breast cancer research and technology yet the statistics have not changed significantly over the past decades. Our investments have brought us to the point where we have the knowledge, technology and tools to make a real difference. It is ...
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The Original 1-800-Charity Cars The Original 1-800-Charity Cars

Established in 1996, The Original 1-800-Charity Cars,  (DBA: Free Charity Cars), is a 501(C) (3) non-profit charity.  Its founding mission is to provide free refurbished donated vehicles to assist struggling families in their transition from dependency to self-sufficiency.

Considered the pioneers of the free car-ownership concept, the Original1-800-Charity Cars operates the largest free non-profit car-donation / distribution program in the ...
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Online Car Donation Online Car Donation

To Apply for a gifted vehicle:
If you or your organization would like to apply for one of our vehicle donations, please briefly explain your situation, needs and contact information. *You will only be contacted if you are selected to receive a gifted vehicle. Click here to apply

You Can Make A Difference With Your Car Donation - Donate A Vehicle To Charity ...
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