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BANKING ON THE YOUNG Children/Young people, Economic/Community development/Employment, Education/Training, General Charitable Purposes, Makes grants to individuals, Makes grants to organisations, Provides other finance, Sponsors or undertakes research, Sport/recreation,...
Charities EARLYBIRDS PRESCHOOL Children/Young people, Education/Training, Other charitable activities
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I think Huntsman has to be the unrepentant mtdreaoe to have a chance. He'd have to hope that rank and file Republicans who don't like the direction the tea party is taking them go out and vote for him in primaries. But Romney is already filling that role so it'll be hard from Huntsman (though Romney is doing more to try to have it both ways).Huntsman would be a good VP candidate, but VP choices don't do much to help (though some like Eagleton in 1972 who McGovern dumped, and Palin in 2008, can hurt a candidate). Romney-Perry could be a strong ticket. Romney-Huntsman would be a strange ticket they're too much alike (but then again, so were Clinton and Gore). Perry at the top of the ticket would be weaker, but he definitely would need someone like Huntsman. If the fight between him and Romney for the nomination gets bitter, Huntsman might be Perry's top choice. I don't think Bachmann, Gingrich or the others really have much of a chance. Though I did like a Politico headline the other day: Bachman Turnover Drives Questions. (Gee, did she say I was just taking care of business you ain't seen nothing yet! )

8/22/2012 1:44:24 PM