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"As Naked an Abuse of Government Power as Could be Imagined" "As Naked an Abuse of Government Power as Could be Imagined"
Property rights were probably the last thing on President Barack Obama's mind when he selected Judge Sonia Sotomayor to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter. But that hasn't stopped Sotomayor's nomination from reigniting the long-simmering national debate over the use and abuse of eminent domain.The controversy centers on Sotomayor's vote in a 2006 eminent domain case, Didden v. Village of Port Chester. New York entrepreneur Bart Didden says Port Chester condemned his land after he...
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Author: (Damon W. Root)
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"Buy American" Is Un-American "Buy American" Is Un-American
Buy American! A conventional, well-intentioned, patriotically affirming sentiment. We've heard it all our lives. But unless you crave less competition, fewer choices, and higher prices, it's also a completely irrational one. Naturally, then, as we kick off "Recovery Summer! Part Deux," the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee says that buying homemade cars is a matter of national importance. "If it were up to the candidates for president on the Republican side, we would be driving foreign...
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Author: (David Harsanyi)
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"Eminent Domain Through the Back Door" "Eminent Domain Through the Back Door"
What is happening in the cradle of the modern civil rights movement? Jimmy McCall would like to know. "It was more my dream house," he laments, "and the city tore it down... It reminds me of how they used to mistreat black people in the Old South." In 1955, Rosa Parks took on the whole system of Jim Crow by refusing to give up her seat on a segregated Montgomery bus. Today, McCall is waging a lonely battle against the same city government for another civil right: the freedom to build a home on his own...
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Author: (David Beito)
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"Get Your Freak On" Baggage Screener Gets Disciplined by TSA "Get Your Freak On" Baggage Screener Gets Disciplined by TSA
The TSA continues to find ways to violate air travelers. After a baggage screener left Jill Filipovic, who was flying from Newark Airport to Dublin, Ireland, a note in her luggage that said, “Get your freak on girl,” I’m dismayed to see that the TSA only “disciplined” the screener who wrote a “highly inappropriate note” in the bag that was searched. TSA’s Blogger Bob writes,  “TSA quickly launched an investigation and identified...
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Author: (Robert Poole)
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"If It's Plastic, It's Organic" "If It's Plastic, It's Organic"
A couple of months ago, an invitation from a public relations firm dropped into my email to participate in an “invitation-only tour” of Dole Food Company pineapple and banana plantations in Costa Rica that would bring together "key leaders in sustainability.” I was eager to go on the all expenses paid junket for two reasons: (1) I have long been puzzled by what is meant by “sustainability” and (2) I used to work for the Tico Times many years ago and have a great affection...
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Author: (Ronald Bailey)
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"Money Following the Child" Working in Baltimore "Money Following the Child" Working in Baltimore
Today's Education Week reports good news from Baltimore's student-based budgeting efforts. Baltimore's Superintendent Alonso has one of the most aggressive student-based budgeting programs in the nation with close to 90 percent of resources going to principals to control through the school budget. Check out this great story about how student-based budgeting is changing the behavior of school leaders. Baltimore demonstrates how student-based budgeting can introduce real competition into public schools...
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Author: (Lisa Snell)
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"Pay-as-you-throw" Waste Management "Pay-as-you-throw" Waste Management
Executive Summary As landfills fill up and recycling opportunities increase, more communities across the nation are interested in reducing waste disposal and its costs. City managers are considering a variety of strategies to improve incentives to recycling and composting, as well as increasing the variety of materials that can be recycled or composted. Currently, in most parts of the country, garbage is removed once or twice a week with revenues coming from one of two places: A portion of property...
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Author: (Lisa Skumatz)
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"Science" When It Suits Them "Science" When It Suits Them
So every now and then, liberals are treated to a big self-righteous laugh at the expense of some backwoods Christian conservative candidate who "ignores science" by doubting evolution or global warming—or, gasp, both. Much, for instance, has been made of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's recent suggestion that evolution is a "theory that's out there" with "gaps in it." He even insinuated that evolution and creationism should both be taught in schools—because folks are "smart enough to figure out...
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Author: (David Harsanyi)
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"Secret Money from God Knows Where" "Secret Money from God Knows Where"
There’s no doubt that having cash on hand helps win elections, up to a point. And thanks to Citizens United, there are some new ways for candidates to pull corporate and special interest cash for campaign season advertising. Which means two things: (1) Vast new pools of gettable and spendable money, and—more importantly—(2) an exciting new way to vilify your opponents. Consider the now-famous line uttered by Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) at a Democratic...
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Author: (Katherine Mangu-Ward)
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"Stalingrad" to Exist Again, 6 Days a Year "Stalingrad" to Exist Again, 6 Days a Year
The southern Russian city of Volgograd has announced it will revert to its previous name, Stalingrad, for commemorative events six days a year, to honor its hard-worn victory over German troops during World War II.The Volgograd city council passed a measure Thursday to use the old name in official documents on Saturday, when the city celebrates the 70th anniversary of the battle's end, and annually on that and five other days of celebration including May 9, when Russia celebrates Victory Day...
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