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How California is Killing the Golden Goose How California is Killing the Golden Goose
Wendell Cox and City Journal's Steven Malanga have an article in the Los Angeles Times (Nov 14, 2011) dissecting how the state of California has gone from a leader in job creation to a laggard. A big reason, they argue, is the lack of new business start ups: "The deep discontent of the business community is just one sign of larger problems in the California economy that predate the 2008 national financial crisis. A study by City Journal using the National Establishment Time Series Database, which...
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Author: (Samuel Staley)
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Illegally Green: Environmental Costs of Hemp Prohibition Illegally Green: Environmental Costs of Hemp Prohibition
Regulation of Cannabis sativa L. is complicated by the fact that there are two common varieties of the plant with very different properties: the agricultural variety, known by the common name hemp, and the pharmacological variety, marijuana. Prior to prohibition in the United States, industrial hemp was the subject of considerable excitement and speculation. The same is true today, as lawmakers and stakeholders in many states are considering the potential for reintroducing industrial hemp into the...
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Author: (Skaidra Smith-Heisters)
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Schwarzenegger Vetoes Industrial Hemp Schwarzenegger Vetoes Industrial Hemp
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the much-publicized Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 and then vetoed a law that actually provides "solutions" to reduce emissions and not just new mandates. The California Industrial Hemp Farming Act, a bipartisan effort co-authored by Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and Chuck Devore (R-Irvine), would have lifted the ban on industrial hemp, creating a licensing procedure for researchers and farmers that would allow one of the world's most...
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Author: (Skaidra Smith-Heisters)
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Indefensible Indefensible
The Sixth Amendment guarantees criminal defendants the right to counsel, but that does not mean all defendants receive good representation. Too often, their defense is not even minimally adequate. Public defenders are lawyers who work for the court system representing indigent defendants instead of maintaining their own practices. Some are passionate civil libertarians who choose to represent the destitute, damned, and despised. Some simply prefer a regular paycheck to the vicissitudes of private...
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Author: (Clay Conrad)
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The Crime Rate Puzzle The Crime Rate Puzzle
“Crime Keeps on Falling, But Prisons Keep on Filling.” Conservative pundits have been poking fun at that headline ever since it appeared in The New York Times in 1997. For the law-and-order right, it typifies the clueless mind-set of elite liberals. Can they not comprehend that America’s soaring incarceration rate and the historic two-decade drop in crime that began in the mid-1990s might be connected? The idea sounds straightforward enough: As we have put more people in jail, the...
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Author: (Radley Balko)
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Prison Math Prison Math
In 2009, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were 1,524,513 prisoners in state and federal prisons. When local jails are included, the total climbs to 2,284,913. These numbers are not just staggering; they are far above those of any other liberal democracy in both absolute and per capita terms. The International Centre for Prison Studies at King’s College London calculates that the United States has an incarceration rate of 743 per 100,000 people, compared to 325 in Israel, 217 in...
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Author: (Veronique de Rugy)
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Wrongful Convictions Wrongful Convictions
When Paul House was finally released from prison in 2008, he was a specter of the man who had been sentenced to death more than 22 years earlier. When I visit his home in Crossville, Tennessee, in March, House’s mother Joyce, who has cared for him since his release, points to a photo of House taken the day he was finally allowed to come home. In that photo and others from his last days in prison, House is all of 150 pounds, ashen and drawn, his fragile frame nearly consumed by his wheelchair. In...
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Author: (Radley Balko)
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Locked Up, Locked Out Locked Up, Locked Out
Do prisons make us safer? By taking would-be offenders off the streets, prisons clearly have reduced crime in the short run. In the long run, though, imprisonment erodes the bonds of work, family, and community that help preserve public safety. Three effects are fundamental. First, former prisoners do worse economically than if they had never been incarcerated. We can see some evidence in a study I conducted in 2004 with the Princeton sociologist Devah Pager. We ran an audit experiment that sent...
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Author: (Bruce Western )
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Big Brother Is Watching You Big Brother Is Watching You
In 1991, George Holliday filmed the LAPD’s arrest and beating of Rodney King. The videotape provoked national controversy. If a similar incident happened today, it might provoke something else: the arrest of George Holliday. Cell phones and cameras with video-recording capability have become ubiquitous. This has led to an increase in the filming of police officers, which has led to a backlash: Cops have begun arresting those who film them, on charges such as interfering with an...
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Author: (A. Barton Hinkle )
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How Long Before Someone Dies Because of an Unsecured Wireless Router? How Long Before Someone Dies Because of an Unsecured Wireless Router?
According to an AP story out of Buffalo, N.Y., federal agents armed with assault weapons stormed a residence in the early morning hours last month looking for child porn on a home PC. The homeowner, whom the article did not identify, was roughed up and forced to the floor at gunpoint while agents accused him of being a creep and pervert. Three hours later, after seizing the man’s PC along with his own and his wife’s iPhones and iPads, officials discovered no child porn and conceded that the...
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Author: (Steven Titch)
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