Venezuela's Chavez Returning to Cuba for Medical Treatment

Venezuela's Chavez Returning to Cuba for Medical Treatment

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is returning to Cuba for medical treatment.

Chavez disclosed his travel plans Tuesday in a letter to the country's National Assembly.

The president says doctors have recommended a special treatment known as hyperbaric oxygenation, which involves breathing pure oxygen in a sealed chamber.

The American Cancer Society says it can be used to prevent bone decay following radiation therapy.

Chavez says that treatment, combined with physical therapy, will consolidate the process of strengthening his health.

The president, who was first diagnosed in 2011, has not given specific information about the cancer other than it was in the pelvic region and is currently in remission.   

He has undergone surgeries in Cuba and announced in July that he was cancer-free.

Last month, Chavez won re-election, which means if he completes his six-year term, the South American leader will have held the reins of power in the oil-rich country for 20 years.

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