Romney Questions Obama's Truthfulness in Upcoming Debates

Romney Questions Obama's Truthfulness in Upcoming Debates

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U.S. Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney sharpened his criticism of President Barack Obama, saying the president tends to say things that are "not true."

In an ABC News interview, Romney said he expected  Obama to say things that were "not accurate" during their three presidential debates in October.  

In the taped interview that aired Friday, Romney also said he had not decided if he would spend his time "correcting things" or focusing on the issues that he wanted to highlight.

There was no immediate reaction from Obama's campaign. The president is spending the day in Washington D.C., where he will attend a private campaign event late Friday.

Romney is holding a rally in Ohio, on Friday. Earlier this week, the Republican challenger touched off a political firestorm when he inaccurately accused the president of apologizing for an anti-Muslim film that has sparked protests in the Middle East, South and East Asia and Africa.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and AFP.

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