Eric Cantor Endorses Mitt Romney

Eric Cantor Endorses Mitt Romney

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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney received a key endorsement Sunday morning when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia endorsed Romney on NBC's Meet the Press.

Cantor cited the economy as the top issue of the campaign.

"What I have seen is a very hard-fought primary. And we have seen now that the central issue about the campaign now is the economy," Cantor said. "I just think there's one candidate in the case who can do that, and it's Mitt Romney."

Romney is the only candidate who has come out with "a bold pro-growth, pro-jobs plan for the future," as the AP says.

Cantor is the second-ranking Republican in the House, making his backing one of the highest-level endorsements Romney has collected so far. As MSNBC notes, Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have yet to make endorsements.

The endorsement comes just two days ahead of Super Tuesday, when 10 states, including Virginia, will conduct their primaries.

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To Whom:George Bush worked to win, aatnrepply, Obama had help ACORN, the attacks on Republicans like Stevens in AK (case now dismissed, Hey, we won the seat ), Katie Couric and other edited Palin Interviews, etc, etc.After the Cabinet appointee mis-steps, the Geithner morass, and now this Pro-Muslim Legal Czar who appears to be some kind of Sharia Law afficiando, capped off with a budget bigger than all budgets from year one to now, CUMULATIVE, well, I'm all DUNN!Resign or be terminated! Are you listening President Obama? Investigate, Impeach, Remove from office! Biden for president! I can't believe I typed that! What a difference an election makes.God, help us (US) if you still can!

2/5/2013 7:19:09 PM